Puppy Boot Camp

Puppy Boot Camp South Florida

So you just either rescued a puppy or bought a new puppy. Well congrats on the new edition of the family. So now it’s time to get that new puppy to stop having accidents, to recognize his/her name and best of all to understand what we want him/her to do. Our puppy boot camp runs for 2 weeks time. You as the owner of your dog have full access to our indoor training facility at any given time. However, there are some requirements for this package and they are:

  • Puppy must be up to date on all shots
  • Puppy must have had some form of flea and tick prevention

We specialize in training all of our dogs with NO TREATS, NO CLICKERS and NO E-COLLARS. We do this so that your dog does not expect anything in return for what you ask of him/her. Can you imagine training your puppy with treats and then the day you either run out of treats or forget them at home you give your dog a command and your dog will simply look at you and notice that there is no treat; your dog will not obey your command. This treat-less method of training is by far the best and the method that promotes the best behavior of all methods of dog training. Our methods of training are:

  • Positive re-enforcement
  • Hand signals
  • Tone inflections
  • Body Language

During your puppies stay at our training facility your puppy will learn how to intermingle with other dogs. This is done for socializing purposes. Your puppy will also learn a variety of different commands for us to better communicate with him/her. Our puppy boot camp program includes:

  • Housebreaking
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down (lay down)
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Off (no jumping)
  • Bed
  • Place
  • No chewing
  • And many more!

Here’s what’s included with this complete puppy training package:

  • 2 weeks of training at our training facility
  • 5 weeks of in-home dog training done at your home
  • One and half hour long sessions

Don’t let yourself just pass up something so important as to the peace of mind that puppy training can give you. Our puppy training is something so valuable that we know you’ll be thanking us for the years to come. Get your puppy started off on the right paw, contact us at any of the numbers you see located throughout this website and let’s get your puppy off on the right PAW!

Puppy Boot Camp South Florida

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